Analogue Sound Workshop

Are you interested in making DIY analogue electronic sounds and looking for a way to get started?

The Analogue Sound Workshop - ideal for beginner, student and enthusiast - is designed as a stimulating 1 day course introducing hands-on techniques for making electronic music. With so much locked inside the computer and activated by clicks of a mouse, much of the physical interaction and old style methods have been lost. This workshop is a way into exploring vintage but still useful equipment and procedures, and is carried out in Ian’s flat in central Brighton, surrounded by his gadgets and Helli-machines.

The workshop will run on a given Saturday 11am-6pm at Helliwell Hq, and can cater for 2 students each time. £55 per person. Please contact Ian directly to arrange a mutually agreeable date.

"Ian Helliwell's Analogue Sound Workshop is a perfect introduction to anyone, wishing to discover more about the inner physical workings of analogue electronic music/sound. I went in as a complete beginner enthusiastic to learn, and learn I did. The creation of tape loops from the ground up was a revelation. Within an hour of being in Ian's world I was creating sounds I'd always wanted to. The introduction to vintage tape machines, splicing tape together, then hearing the results within such a short time span, was an education and an adventure. Then we had a cuppa. Following that we soldered together a noise box thingy. Learning the basics of putting together a PCB to create a weird noise making wonder tool, has proved invaluable. I'd recommend the ASW to anyone with an interest in electronic music spanning from the Radiophonic Workshop, to modern electronic or experimental music in general. A relaxed, inspiring time is sure to be had, with some jolly good conversation in the process."
Adam Cobell, August 2014.