Since the start of the 1990s Ian has been developing his own 'intuitive electronics' method via 'creative soldering', and has built a whole range of Hellitron tone generators, housed in carefully styled, Dymo labelled cabinets. He has also assembled more sophisticated synth units; the Hellisizer series. The performance instrument Hellisizer 2000, designed from scratch and constructed over eight months, made its live debut in September 2007, and formed part of Ian's Music, Movies & Machines exhibition and 2008 film.

More recently he has designed and built the Hellicam - a simple video camera, especially useful for creating video feedback.
The Percussimate is a rhythm generator featuring drum machine, electronic percussion and echo unit. The Megatherm is an opto-acoustic instrument, and has a specially made super 8 film projected onto it, for which it automatically plays the electronic soundtrack by reacting to the light content in the film.
The Hellidisc machine was developed to use clear a clear CD with an arrangement of black dots, in order to activate photocells and generate electronic sounds. Watch a demonstration here: Hellidisc