Electronic Music

Teaching himself to play drums, guitar and bass, Ian formed his first group while at school in his early teens. In 1991 he established his bedroom recording lab (still operational today), and began his earliest forays into electronic music with 4 track cassette radio collages. He started building simple tone generators which grew into a series of numbered Hellitrons. More sophisticated multi-circuit machines or Hellisizers, have augmented this unique range of self-constructed, creatively soldered instruments, which provide all the electronically generated sounds for Ian's compositions.

Check Ian's releases here: discogs-Ian-Helliwell
The Brighton Marina time lapse soundtrack was composed in 2010 for Peacock and McClave's series of 3D shorts. animateprojects
A selection of Helliwell tracks: soundcloud-Ian-Helliwell

Click play to listen to extracts of:
Power Steering
Molecular Feedback
The Movement of Tape